Digital Marketing Jobs - VP of Digital Marketing, 15101

at Connection
Location Merrimack, NH
Date Posted November 6, 2019
Category Default
Job Type Full-time


You're the new VP of Digital Marketing at Connection. It's Day 1 of the job and you're about to meet your team of Program Managers, Digital Experts, Copywriters, Designers, and Developers. They're looking for a leader who seizes opportunity--someone with focus, tenacious drive, and a creative streak a mile wide. Together, you're going to build more award-winning ad campaigns, engaging animated shorts, buzz-worthy social promotions, and the high-level marketing plans, public relations initiatives, and competitive strategies needed to keep Connection at the front of the pack. You've done your research. You know your tech industry background, digital marketing clout, and team-building finesse make you the perfect fit for this New England tech powerhouse. But, as always, you've got a surprise up your sleeve. You're bringing a little slice of Silicon Valley to the Granite State, and you intend to show an entire company what "startup mentality" really means. The boss has given you plenty of room to move--and a green light to get results any way you know how. Now it's time to roll up your sleeves and get work done. What's the first thing you tell your new team?

The VP develops and coordinates methods within a broad framework. The VP plans and directs all aspects of the organization's marketing policies, objectives and initiatives. Identifies changes in the marketing environment or competitive strategies and evaluates, adjusts, or redrafts the organization's marketing plan and philosophy accordingly. The VP promotes public relations initiatives and provides leadership to the marketing team. The VP creates and maintains strategic partnerships with our vendors/partners. In addition, the VP conducts and analyzes market research to determine risk and marketability of Connection. Develops and executes the marketing plans.