Digital Marketing Manager

at Tiny House Marketing
Published August 26, 2022
Location Richmond, VA
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Digital Marketing Manager

[[Who You Are]]

You're looking to apply your marketing talents where you can have an impact -- on clients who appreciate, respect, and need your expertise. No giant bureaucratic corporations; but no local plumbers either. You want to work with interesting, nimble, ambitious, mission-driven companies.

You're drawn to both the analytical and psychological aspects of digital advertising. You enjoy exploring the data to learn why and how people interact with a brand.

You're a productivity nut. You believe in the power of smartly using technology to fuel efficiencies and save time from mundane, routine tasks.

You want to build something. Go beyond the day-to-day tasks and work towards something bigger.

You want to be a part of a community of collaboration. You want to go to lunch with your colleagues. You thrive in this wonderful remote work world, but you also seek human interaction in your professional endeavor -- because you're a human. And those Zoom happy hours don't always cut it.

You're seeking an environment where you can spitball ideas, test things, see what works, hone, and get better. You love being nimble and flexible, ready to shift to changes in the market.

You have 1-3 years of data-driven digital advertising experience. You've managed Google Ads campaigns -- some combination of Search, Shopping, Display, YouTube, etc. -- and perhaps Facebook Ads as well. You know how to develop strategies based on client needs. And you're effective at distilling and conveying important information to clients, whether through proactive emails or through leading client meetings.

[[Who We Are]]

Tiny House is a team of digital marketing curators. We serve our clients by helping them understand what's important to them in the crowded, complicated world of digital marketing. What pieces of data do they need to pay attention to? What platforms, channels, and audiences are out there that would be relevant to them?

A tiny house is small, yes, but it's purposefully so. There's intentionality -- people who live in tiny houses prioritize other things in their lives over space, social customs, or the expectations of others. 

In order to live this way, they have to be creative, resourceful, and efficient. And there's fun in that process and experience! (How do you fit a cutting board into your kitchen? Where do dirty clothes go? How do you creatively store extra seating or bedding?)

What do you choose to minimize or get rid of in favor of your larger goals?

We distill the confusing and overwhelming down to the essential. We leverage our Marketing Garden approach to help diagnose what's important and where time and attention should be spent.

Yes, we manage the crap out of some digital advertising campaigns and drive killer results. But to us, our product is our "Weekly Digest", a regularly sent client-specific newsletter that tells the client what work is being done to push their business forward, why, how well it's working, and what's next.

It's effective, fun, and genuine. Send us a note if this way of marketing sparks your interest.

[[The 11 Personality Traits of a Tiny House Digital Marketing Manager]]

  • Life-Long Learner: Demonstrates passionate, not necessarily for marketing, but for learning and growing, intellectually and professionally.

  • Deep Worker: Strongly believes in the Cal Newport capital-D Deep Work that's necessary to thrive in a world that is intrinsically distracting.

  • Capable Listener: Can understand client needs and develop strategies to address them.

  • Digital Marketing Technician: Possesses the hands-on skills needed to drive direct response results for Google Ads and/or Facebook Ads. Bonus points for experience on other advertising channels, like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest. (1-3 years of digital marketing agency experience is required.)

  • Practical Data Scientist: Extracts important insights from data and translates them into actionable next steps.

  • Story Teller: Writes clearly and effectively. Communicates what's important. Crafts the story.

  • Frontier Explorer: Wants to learn about new marketing channels and techniques and understand how they fit into a client's goals.

  • Productivity Aficionado: Prioritizes and effectively manages many different tasks and clients. Relies on systems for help.

  • Facilitator: Proactively collaborates on new ways to be more efficient, effective, and helpful.

  • Sage Historian: Believes in the power of documenting and sharing processes so we can all build upon a collective knowledge base.

  • Architect: Exudes a desire to build, create, and contribute to something new and flexible -- something bigger than themselves.

A digital marketing manager is a hands-on, hands-dirty, in-the-accounts role. They are charged with developing the strategies that help Tiny House clients achieve their goals, as well as executing on and communicating those prescribed strategies. The role reports directly to the Director of Digital Advertising and will have strong influence in this tight-knit company.

Email to apply. We’re looking forward to meeting you.

-Stephen Oklesson, Founder