Digital Marketing Manager

at Louder Than Digital
Published July 25, 2022
Location Aspen, CO
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Job Type Full-time  



Louder Than Digital is hiring you for the role of Digital Marketing Manager, joining our full-time Crew in order to riff on strategy and drive stellar performance across our own brand and our client luxury retail client base. In particular, your focus would be in working as the Digital Marketing Manager for Meridian Jewelers based in Aspen, CO. Essentially 50% of your time would be allocated to Meridian’s success and the remaining 50% of your time would be allocated to other Louder tasks and clients.

About the position:

Your main responsibility will be to create and execute on meaningful marketing campaigns and strategies, with the support of our team, for Meridian Jewelers. As the Digital Marketing Manager, your focus will be on developing and implementing organic social media strategies for Meridian, advising on and executing Meridian’s social media efforts, assisting with email marketing/drip campaigns for Meridian, and providing ecommerce support and assistance for Meridian. Your experience across social media marketing, ecommerce, and email marketing will lend itself to successful planning and execution of digital marketing management for Meridian and select Louder clients.

Above all, you’ll be an upbeat crew member who enjoys working with other industry experts to optimize integrated marketing strategies with an attention to detail and a white glove approach to servicing Meridian, their clients, and their Co-Op Partners (Rolex, Cartier, IWC, ALS) + a dozen jewelry designers.

Our new Digital Marketing Manager will have 3+ years experience with social media management and have some ecommerce experience. Experience with luxury brands is a plus. Ideally our new team member will be based in the Aspen/Carbondale/Glenwood Springs Area and would work from home primarily. Denver would be an option as well, but would require a bi-monthly, sometimes weekly, trip to Aspen for client meetings, photography, social media planning, event planning, and other marketing functions.


You will work directly with Louder and Meridian leaders and team members to strategize ways to create compelling social media campaigns, ways to grow ecommerce revenue for Meridian, as well as expand Meridian’s marketing presence in Colorado and across the country.

We want to show how the lifestyle of Aspen and Meridian are synonymous, feature the curation of the watch and jewelry lines we carry, and highlight the personality of our brand and Aspen.

You will be responsible for the following activities -


  • Manage Email Marketing & Social Media Campaign Ideation to drive more brand awareness and social media growth for Meridian
  • Manage and support Social Media posting calendar to increase social engagement
  • Identify luxury jewelry and watch industry trends, best practices, and insights within social media marketing, ecommerce, and email marketing.
  • Help plan, execute, advise and report on Meridian’s creative & social campaigns to support in achieving account goals, KPIs, and ROI
  • Optimize Meridian’s account performance in collaboration with the Louder Digital Account team
  • Assist in white-box product photography for ecommerce purposes
  • Work with Colorado photographers to create compelling content for social media and ecommerce
  • Commute to Meridian in Aspen every two weeks to help with ecommerce fulfillment, product photography, social media management, and a regular marketing meeting
  • Identify and communicate about industry trends and insights within luxury retail specialized in jewelry and watches
  • Co-Op Support and Management: Local, Print, Digital to reduce Meridian’s workload maintaining watch Co-Op programs
  • Assisting Meridian’s leadership and sales teams with marketing support (social media, email, event support/planning, etc) to make their lives easier and help them provide white glove service to their customers
  • Lead e-commerce efforts at Meridian working in tandem with the Louder team
  • Take occasional lifestyle photos and product shots in a light box (via a high quality cell phone) to add to social media and the ecommerce store
  • Engage with a local photographer and Louder’s video production team for additional content needs
  • Other duties as assigned by the ownership of Meridian
  • Other duties as assigned to support additional clients and tasks for other Louder clients with the remaining balance of your time