Digital Marketing Manager

at ZMC Hotels
Published December 3, 2023
Location Fort Wayne, IN
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Position Overview

ZMC Hotels, LLC, is looking for a talented Digital Marketing Manager who will help us expand our digital footprint and drive more value through social media, web and online content, blog posts, press releases and news articles. The role requires a strong writing background, strong knowledge of social media platforms, and an eye for visual design. This individual will directly support five entities; two independent hotels located in Duluth, MN, and three unique food and beverage operations located in Fort Wayne, IN. This position requires a high level of creativity and the ability to use data-driven insights to develop material on websites, social media channels, and in direct marketing, while managing the overall efforts of creating a focus on the entire digital media process across multiple platforms targeting every step of the booking funnel.


Digital Marketing Manager responsibilities include, but are not limited to, conducting thorough research on industry-related topics, generating ideas for new content types, and writing for a variety of platforms, helping the properties through ongoing communication and meetings, and actively driving the marketing operations of the assets. Ultimately, delivering quality written pieces that appeal to our audiences, attract new customers, boost brand awareness, and supports ZMC Hotels, LLC, in all communication funnels.

The ideal candidate will deliver a mix of content creation, with an analytics driven approach, delivered consistently across all platforms, including direct in-person sales.

•Content creation (video, blog, imagery) to support social media and other ancillary channels (e.g., blog)

o Created in partnership with each revenue center in a timely and consistent basis.

o Create branded, professional marketing shells, so all content looks and feels the same across all marketing platforms.

o All menus must be professionally developed, in branding, in PDF and digital form.

o Include video and Reels when appropriate.

•Capabilities to deliver on social media and related engagement metrics.

o Set goals for engagement and growth and follow up regularly.

o Hash tag relevant accounts in market to grow exposure outside of our own digital footprint, gaining new audience.

o Measure performance to goals and reinforce or retool strategy to maximize performance.

o Consistently critique and correct strategies based on KPI's and ROI's.

•SEO strategy and execution including creation of high-performing content.

o Optimize performance of website and ensure content is current and compelling.

o Ensure all messaging also lives on the website and we are perpetually updating content.

o Commit to ongoing improvement and content build-out of website and ensure digital and in person sales efforts are leveraging site.

o Continue to seek partnerships and reciprocal links.

o Run site optimization reporting quarterly.

•Experience with B2C campaigns and a high degree of digital marketing expertise related to optimizing the consumer funnel.

o Targeted paid campaigns across media channels, and effective retargeting opportunities.

o Identify and experiment with multiple digital advertising platforms to identify the optimal ROI.

o Be creative; Psychic Happy Hour, Tattoo Tuesdays, Pet Adoption Happy Hour, live music, Sweetwater Music Series (e.g. Ft. Wayne), specialty cocktails, post theater dining, locals' discounts, happy hours, brunch, holiday promotions, wine maker dinners, vendor promotions on property, etc.

o Create effective hooks to draw consumers to the outlets, not just entrée pics.

o Launch seasonal promotions in a professional and timely manner with appropriate menus and process in place to book business.

o Where possible, include charities in the event, to draw greater exposure and tap into charity databases.

o Measure ROI and KPIs

•Expertise on optimizing the consumer purchasing journey.

o Utilize active links to allow for reduced steps in the booking process.

o Create ability to track sales, i.e., 10% off locals' digital rooms campaign tied to a specific rate programs.

o Keeping things entertaining and light.

o TikTok educational wine series, etc.

o Always test and retest links and call to action next steps.

o Attaching booking widgets and creating tracking for promotions across booking platforms.

o Measure ROI and KPIs

•Understanding of web site and landing page best practices related to consumer purchasing.

o Create promotional links to sellable items, reservations, etc.

o Develop custom landing pages as necessary with inbound and outbound links.

o Execute and optimize the consumer conversion process and funnel (top of funnel, acquisition, activation, engagement, conversion).

o Optimize web site traffic through planning and executing SEO strategies including Google Analytics and keyword strategies.

o Work with the property and revenue team to improve the conversion funnel through A/B testing.

o Drive qualified traffic to our website and recommend improvements for growth.

o Measure ROI and KPIs

•In-house marketing

o Professionally produced menus and promotional POP, supporting online and promotional activities in-house.

o Pop up banners strategically placed on property to support marketing and promotional campaigns.

o Inclusion of promotions in front desk check in process spiel, when appropriate.

•Comfort with both strategizing and execution and an ability to self-manage.

o Develop an understanding of each outlet and market to identify opportunities to outperform our competitors.

o Be creative and look to partnerships to grow reach.

o Ensure consistent engagement from the property.

o Research the markets and venues and create competitive planning and targeted messaging and promotion, based on research and team input.

o Have proactive plan in place and consistently work two weeks ahead of scheduled delivery.

•B2B marketing experience and lead generation.

o Ability to create effective partnerships to extend our reach and leverage external partners to grow our business. E.g., The Embassy Theater in Fort Wayne, Visit Duluth, The DECC, etc.

o Execute paid marketing on partner sites as necessary and deemed an effective opportunity to generate ROI.

o Identifying and partnering with Bloggers and Influencers who can continue to expand our reach.

o Direct sales calls to local offices, businesses, and residences to support our digital efforts and continue to develop audience.

o While digital acquisition is the foundation of this role, skills in the areas of SEO optimization, traffic optimization and B2B lead generation are pluses.

o Afterwork office party winners through targeted marketing and promotion, to "build base" on promotional nights. Target hair salons, BT clients in the local market and Chamber businesses with appropriate staffing levels.

o Measure ROI and KPIs

•Execute and optimize social media channels - both organic and paid.

o Consistent promotional calendar creation with 2-3 posts per week, developed quarterly and reviewed monthly for ROI and retool or reinvest.

o Focus on not only growth of follower and likes, but development of an engaged audience who respond to posts and show up at events.

•Manage and create email and SMS marketing campaigns.

o Develop, maintain, and grow a robust database of consumers, who opt into our messaging.

o Ensure professional presentation in approved marketing shell (don't look like a third grader is doing our promotions).

o Create consistent cadence of promotion targeted at ROI, not white noise.

o Be consistent and timely with execution.

•Photography and video

o Professional photos of menu and proper placement in distribution channels.

o Investigate the use of drone footage to market outlets.

o Compelling video content including reels and TikTok "taught me" recipe and wine tasting vignettes.

o Create and maintain a budget for photography.

•Deliver results across multiple platforms (examples, but not limited to)

o Facebook / Instagram

o Eventbrite

o Google

o Email platform

o Web sites

o TikTok, and others, as defined by the property

•Manage monthly targeted ongoing budgets

o Google: $250 - $500 per month

o FB promoted posts: $100 - $200 per month

o FB/Insta Ads: $500 per month

o Experiment with Yelp Ads

o Ensure Google Local Listing is updated, adding new content and promotions in a timely manner.

o Have a plan for encouraging positive reviews, with on property activation.

o Respond to reviews in a timely manner and include marketing language in every response (free advertising).

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities
The following skills and qualifications are preferred for any candidate (internal or external) candidate:

•5+ years of experience as a digital marketer.

•5+ years of experience with optimizing social media channels.

•5+ years of experience related to all paid, referral, affiliate, and organic channels to optimize conversion and drive acquisition.

•4+ years of experience with SEO, Google Analytics, and keyword strategies.

•Strong knowledge and experience with online marketing tools and best practices.

•Experience with paid social advertising and retargeting/remarketing.

•Knowledge of optimal user experience to drive consumer optimization.

•B2B marketing experience a plus.

•Experience with CRM software.

•Familiarity with web design platforms.

•Sense of ownership and pride in your performance and its impact.

•Critical thinker and problem-solving skills.

•Team player with great interpersonal and communication skills.

•Time-management skills, being able to manage multiple projects at the same time.

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